Location & Age Groups

We have three locations for convenient drop-off/pick-up for YNOT Summer Camp:

  • Springfield - Sacred Heart Griffin West Campus  at 1600 West Washington

  • Chatham - 301 North Breckenridge by the water tower.  Tan & red building with a bright red roof.

  • Sugar Creek United Methodist – across from Ball Elementary on the New City Road

Drop-off time at both locations is 7:30 to 8:30am.   Pickup is 4pm to 5:30pm....except for long trip days to St. Louis or Peoria, when pickup is narrowed down to 5 to 5:30pm.

On non-traveling days, we have access to lots of "green space" including soccer fields, shade-trees and basketball courts.  On the inside, we have gyms and movie rooms and eating areas.  Both facilities provide maintained restrooms, refrigeration and ice for our transported drinking water coolers.

The ages of children accepted for YNOT Summer Camp are those entering 1st grade through 12 years old.