As in any business, the people that face the public can "make" or "break" it.

The Staff of YNOT have been individually interviewed and selected based on a criteria of experience, desire to participate in kids' lives, ability to sharply observe, energy level, attitudes and their shared vision of what makes a great experience for our kids. 

Over the last several years, we've employed young adults from U of I at Champaign, Southern Illinois University, Illinois College, Western Illinois University, MacMurray College, Iowa State University, Illinois State University, Lincoln Land and Parkland Community Colleges, Springfield Benedictine University, University of Wisconsin, Bradley University, Wheaton College, Eastern Illinois University, Richland Community College, Monmouth College, and Mizzou.  Counselor positions are great summer employment for college students and we welcome those seeking internships for child care, psychology, recreation management and sports care majors.

Our Day Director is Joe Cascio. His responsibilities include calendaring of our activities, scheduling and directing of our Counselor staff, synchronizing of our two locations, timing our departures and return trips and overall safety of our kids.

Within our Counselor umbrella, we have a great group of people that have direct contact with your children.  As our staff realizes, our most precious cargo is your child.  The Staff of YNOT have also been trained in the areas of CPR and First Aid.