Hello Parents!

We're excited to offer online registration to help celebrate YNOT Outdoor's 20th anniversary of existence. Please read the Parents' Helpful Get-Ready List before you register. Then, choose your location, below, and start reserving your child's spot. NOTE: Once you get into the process of registering at your preferred location, you'll see two main categories:

  • CAMP - this is a full 11-week choice with 1-time prepay. Use only if you intend to choose the discounted $1700 full summer path.
  • WEEKLY - this is where you may pick individual weeks of the summer. There will be a 30% deposit upon checking out.

Be well-prepared by printing off a copy of the Parents' Helpful Get-Ready List, to keep with you, too! Thanks very much and we'll see you in this summer.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Summer Camp requires us to pre-engage and commit to employees, insurance, bus drivers and fees for events that host us, and tickets, etc. Therefore, there is no refund or re-scheduling after May 15th, of any YNOT Outdoors Summer Camp charges.